family photojournalism :: the schiller-tang family

This isn't something I get to do every day: fly out to NYC to do a photojournalism session for an incredible couple on the brink of becoming parents! Katie found me online using her incredible and self-assessed "aggressive" google-searching skills. she knew what she wanted and -- this is so flattering -- it was what i was offering. they wanted to capture special moment in their usual routines. 

Katie and her partner, Jason, live in a 100-year house north of NYC, just up the hill from the station  where they can catch a train into midtown Manhattan. It is here that they have settled in and made a cozy home with their three fur babies. It is here they return to after each international travel adventure (and they have had MANY). It is here that they will welcome their son Benjamin in September. 

This session begins upon rising, as they are all still snug in bed with their pups and the morning light floods in through the eastward windows of their bedroom. And from there it progresses through their daily routines from brushing teeth to sharing breakfast in the kitchen, then reading with their feet up in the living room, all while the pups stay near. They spent some time in the nursery, too, putting up decorations and folding tiny cloth diapers. And the session ends on their front porch, which overlooks some breathtaking scenery and makes you feel like you are a million miles away from the largest US city. Through it all, their humor and affection shone through. Two more interesting, intelligent, well-traveled, and loving people you'd be hard pressed to find, which is why baby Benjamin is the luckiest.