life with a newborn :: easton

more and more i'm coming to love doing (a) newborn sessions with babies who are 3rd or 4th in their families and (b) sessions that take place on farms or rural areas. so this little session was pretty dreamy for me. 

kara and dave have made home for themselves and their four little people in lake odessa, surrounded by fields of plants and livestock for as far as you can see. it's dark enough out there at night to see the stars. kara has made a beautiful creative home space (not surprising since she's a photographer, too) while dave fills his days caring for livestock and hunting for deer. their kids are darned cute, and the newest member, baby Easton, is falling into stride with all the beautiful mess of family. 

for this session, they made an apple pie, fed easton his bottle, headed out to collect eggs from the chickens and feed apple peels to the horses, then came in for some bed-jumping and to pull that pie out of the oven. 

enjoy a little slice of their life with a newborn.