birth :: amelia mae

rebecca and eric: hilarious, playful, uber-talented, classy people who also love one another deeply and evidently. also, this is how they announced their pregnancy:

though she had booked me well before they went public with their pregnancy announcement, after i saw this, my excitement increased about ten-fold. because only awesome people do things like this, am i right?!

arriving to their hospital room in the middle of an august night, i found a fantastic iron and wine playlist going, their doula standing by with quiet support, and rebecca looking gorgeous in her floral birth gown, headband (which eric kept tenderly re-arranging on her head when it got askew), and glitter-gold polish and finger and toenails. i settled in to listen to them read through some beautiful well-wishes friends and family had written for their baby girl, and enjoyed the fast-passing hours chatting and growing in excitement to see the little face of their daughter, who would soon emerge. 

just before dawn, she was fully dilated. the pushing stage went so well because becca was SUCH a rock star with it. her epidural was kept just low enough that she was still very much feeling the contractions, sensing what her body was doing, and working with it very effectively. their amazing nurse stayed past the end of her shift to see amelia's entrance, and we all got a bit teary when she came out, squalling healthfully as the sun was rising. this amazing little one weighed in at 9lbs 7oz! 

enjoy these photos. they've captivated my heart as i was working on them.