family photojournalism :: the tenderos

it's "off season" here, which means it's time to do some back-office work, add up all the miles i've driven in 2015 for tax purposes, tweak the website, and reflect some on my evolution as a photographer in the past years, as well as what i want to be/do in 2016. 

i've been thinking a lot about family photojournalism sessions, and how I can continue to refine how i communicate about them and shoot them for maximum impact and value. that's multifaceted. in thinking about that, i've been returning mentally to one of the first family photojournalism sessions i ever did. at the time i was calling them "Slice of Life" sessions. this was a portfolio piece, which means i begged my dear friends - who live every detail of their lives with intention and beauty - to let me test this idea out on them, and they graciously agreed. 

i gave them firm instructions not to dress up or do anything special. they obeyed. even though i knew her daughter's florescent green t-shirt was absolutely annoying to my friend, she stuck with the plan. they ignored me, they left their messes out, and i just shot away happily while they did their thing, just being a family. they did some homeschooling, played outside, welcomed dad home from work, prepped dinner, sat on the porch, had some screen time, chopped wood, and then sat down for a meal.

i'm sharing this one from the archives. it's very long (i spent an entire afternoon with them), but so full of beauty. 

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These friends have since moved from this house. They've been on long, testing, and life-changing journeys since we made these images. And looking at these photos now -- from an "era" in their family that feels so distant -- they seem even weightier with worth than ever. 

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