life with a newborn :: jameson charles

oh, baby j! what a darling babe he is. his mom and dad decided to make me theirs, officially, for five years, starting with his birth. there aren't words to adequately say how happy that makes me. because watching this family grow through the years is going be awesome. 

jameson is about 4 months old here. his mama was home with him full time until just last week, at which point she returned to work. i watched from afar as karissa found the courage to leave him at daycare and go back to the office, wearing black as a way of mourning the end of a sweet season that had been all about her and him bonding and cozy at home. she did it, even if through tears, and was relieved to find that it wasn't as terrible as she feared, and that he did so much better than she imagined he would. they're going to be okay. 

this "newborn" session at home was done at around this big shift in their life to capture and celebrate their bond. a bond that will absolutely survive some distance on the weekdays. ;)

and though this is definitely NOT the point of the session, i really love the way nick and karissa have decorated and set up their home. it's definitely a bit of eye candy, trumped only by the chubby-thighed, blue-eyed baby who inhabits it. 

also: bull dogs! and a cello!