family photojournalism :: the rainey family

When Monica and Rex reached out to set up their two-hour photojournalism session, they told me the impetus for seeking photographic documentation was their son, Arthur, who just recently turned 1.  "We just passed the infamous year marker as parents," she shared, "It's been a bit of a year...Just celebrating that we're all here, together, and being grateful for the time that we have." 

She explained that "Our house may be tiny and definitely has some cosmetic projects we've been dragging our feet on, but it's home".

I can't tell you how much I love that sentiment. If we wait until we are in our dream homes and our dream homes look exactly the way we want them to look, we'll wait forever. Life is here, now, is it not?

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with these three, doing all the simply things that make up a life well-lived, from a picnic dinner on the living room floor, to diaper changes, and feedings, a walk to the park, watching squirrels out the window, and playing on the floor. 

Good night, Arthur. Sweet dreams!

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