family photojournalism :: the shingledecker family (again!)

The first time I met this family, their eldest daughter Emma was a tiny baby. And because they are part of my Make Me Your Photographer group, I get to see them periodically and watch them grow. Last time I saw them was when their littlest daughter Lily was a newborn, so it was such fun to see them again, and what a difference a year can make in a child's personality and development. 

We started our two-hour session together by waking up Lily from her nap, then lunch and play-doh before heading out to the backyard to play on the playset, followed by a walk around the neighborhood before looping back home to play in the living room a while. I appreciate so much how present and intentional Jason and Andrea are with their girls and, in fact, with their entire life. These are good, good people whom I'm grateful to know.