family photojournalism :: the frazee family

It was just over a year ago that I witnessed Campbell's entrance into the world through the remarkable vessel of her mama. It was a moving and amazing birth for an amazing little girl. Now that she's one, her parents called me in to their home for an extended family photojournalism session, with the goal of bottling up all the goodness of this stage. Campbell is poised between babyhood and toddler, and that's such a sweet liminal space.

In the extended time frame we had to work with, we were able to capture so many facets of their daily life together, and I'm so happy with the collection of images that resulted. From morning snuggles in bed with daddy, to snacks at the kitchen island while daddy made chicken stock, playtime and a walk to the bridge over the water where her mama and daddy wished her intro existence, to lunch outside on the deck, bath time, book-reading, and being nursed down for a nap... all the good stuff. 

This family is so centered and present, choosing a life that is filled with what they love and find life in. Even though I was technically working, I left my time with them feeling peaceful and rested. What a gift. 

PS: the Joseph Campbell quote over their mantel below is significant in large part because it is from that admired mythologist that their daughter got her name. :)