life with a newborn :: jonah grace

Sweet Jonah Grace, the girl with the wild, untamable hair and the loving attention of her godly mom and dad. She's the first grandchild, the beloved of her many aunties and uncles, plus her pup-sibling.

This session was such a joy, from sink bath to couch cuddles, play time on the floor, diaper changes, and coffee-sipping in between it all. I even got to watch Jonah doze off to sleep in her mama's arms in the rocking chair toward the end.

 Afterwards, when I sent over a handful of previews to her, Jonah's mama Audrey wrote, "Its amazing to see the shots you captured, when it hardly felt like you were taking pictures. It just felt like having a friend over for coffee." YES! It surely did. That's precisely how I want it to feel. We can be friendly and relaxed, and magic will be captured without it feeling like you even had to work for it. 

Thanks again for having me over for coffee, Audrey and Xavier. Your girl is truly something special. 

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