life with a newborn :: lochlan kale

About 6 weeks before these photos were made, Lochlan made her entrance into the world in a birth pool in the dining room, and I was there to document that sacred moment, too.

Now, she's already smiling up into the faces of her daddy and mama, getting kissed and caressed by her big sister Tatum, and living the good life mostly on her mama's chest or between her parents in bed. Shauna has been rocking her postpartum season, resting well and often while drinking good coffee as Tatum plays nearby. I love seeing a mama who takes the liberty of abundant rest in her fourth trimester, and the effects on both her and the newborn, which are contentment, joy, and bonding. 

During my visit with them, Lochlan got her second every bath, got dressed, nursed, enjoyed some time on the front porch, and dozed off into a cozy nap while Tatum and daddy did yoga nearby. :) I sure do love this special family.