milk time at Simply Born Birth House

I'm considering changing the name of Milk Time to Oxytocin Feast because SERIOUSLY: It's like gathering a group of women and babies together to all get simultaneously high on that amazing hormone. 

This Milk Time, which was hosted in the most perfectly appropriate and beautiful venue ever -- Simply Born Birth House -- included 16 mamas, 16 babies, a handful of toddlers, and even one daddy. We also had La Leche League leader Raquel Knack present to do on-the-spot consultations, which proved to be invaluable!

Whether each mama's baby latched on for 2 seconds or 10 minutes or not at all during their session, whatever way(s) she fed her baby, however many babies/toddlers she feeds at once, whether her baby was cheerful or fussy today, and whatever the story behind how her baby came to her, or how she came to accomplish a beautiful breast-feeding relationship... These women are beautiful in their diversity! And these babies are all SO CLEARLY LOVED. 

Enjoy the oxytocin hit. ;)