life with a newborn :: xavier james

This story, this family -- Shawnna and Justin and Mya -- has captured my heart and taken up some serious prayer real estate in the last couple of years. Because there were until recently just three of them, but they knew that adoption was the next step in growing their family. About a year ago, they endured a rather devastating failed adoption. It was a hard, hard season, and the tenacity of their faith through it all was brilliant. In the midst of a season of grief and unknowing, they found out they were pregnant! And then, rather suddenly and very quickly, a birth mom on the brink of giving birth chose them to adopt the son she was carrying, Xavier. So now a family that once seemed "stalled" at 3, is approaching 5 in record time. If you're so inclined, you can read their story, in Shawnna's words, on their adoption consultant's blog HERE and in Justin's words HERE

And below, you'll see a little glimpse of life since Xavier came home, at 6 weeks old, on a Sunday afternoon, eating, playing, snuggling, wandering their property, and all the other good good things that make up a family life. Look closely and you'll see that Shawnna has a blossoming baby bump. Their newest addition is due this Spring and will be almost exactly 6 months younger than Xavier. It's a unique season, ripe with a million emotions and so much life. 

Love makes a family.