family photojournalism :: the (other) kuchan family

Sometimes people I love photographing refer people they love to also have me photograph their families. That's pretty much the highest honor, delivering a lot of warm fuzzies to this heart of mine. Such is the case here! The Kuchan family I first met, whose TWO births I've photographed, sent their brother and sister-in-law my way this fall. This second Kuchan family is every bit as wonderful as the first one, with their own unique flavor. 

A vintage flavor! :) Their sweet midcentury modern home features amazing decorating elements that haven't been touched since the 70s (and they like it that way), and is filled with all of Cat's vintage thrift store finds, which fit in perfectly. But best of all is the little love named Meris who entered their lives four months ago and captured their hearts. 

Cat and Daniel and Meris were awesome at just going about their usual rituals and routines whilst I was there. Because of that, we captured so many tiny ordinary details and activities, the kind of stuff my documentary heart delights in. 

Side note: You'll see in some of these photos that Meris is being held naked over the bathroom sink. Why? Elimination communication! It's a method of toilet learning that starts in early infancy and sometimes results in diaper-free kiddos by age 1! It was fun to see this in action and I'm feeling a bit tempted to try it out with my new arrival, too.