personal :: winter at our house

as a birth photographer, i sometimes do secret work. work that's lovely and meaningful, but not for everyone to see. hence the quietness on this blog of late. 

but i've been shooting my own family like crazy. as a family photographer with some seasonal affective disorder, this is sort of therapy for me in the long winter season. and i have to say, friends, i'm lately really sentimental about my little people. because HOW are they suddenly so big, so capable, so smart... and so hilarious?! these days -- long as drag-on difficult as they sometimes are -- are numbered, and i'm grasping to capture them. 

so i give you our winter, in no particular order, in photos. mostly taken in the morning hours. 

I'm looking for a few good men -- er, families -- willing to invest in a half day family photojournalism session. without cleaning up first, without looking your best or trying to impress anyone at all. just you, as you are. read more here.