snuggle :: the stobs

When a respiratory illness prevented the Stobs from coming to my recent Snuggle Sessions event, we rescheduled it for a week later, and moved the location to their own home. They spent some time reading, tickling, snuggling, jumping, kissing, and looking out windows... all from their couch and their daughter's floor bed. :)  

It doesn't take much to make a good picture: just 2 or more people who love each other, a bit of light from an uncovered window, and a comfortable place to relax and play while a skilled photographer snaps away. All those ingredients were present here. I couldn't be more pleased with the feel of these simple but love-full images of this really lovely family.

If you're in Grand Rapids, and would like family photos done like this in your own home, I'm temporarily extending the offer of a private, in-home Snuggle Session through the end of this month (while supplies last). $150 gets you 15 minutes and 15 or more edited images (downloadable and with copyright permissions). Reach out!