birth :: quintin lawrence

She had a good week and a half of prodromal labor -- the start and stop contractions that come and go in the days (or weeks) leading up to the final event that culminates in birth. There were probably 5 times that Quincy texted to say she was pretty sure labor had begun... only to have it peter out. Which is so frustrating. But she kept on living life and patiently waiting, knowing that no contraction is a wasted one!

Then, one evening I got another text. And this time the contractions were close together and the midwife, Kim, was on her way over to check things out. I had a feeling it was the real deal and wanted to jump in my car immediately. But thoughtful, considerate Quincy said to wait until the midwife gave more news because "I really don't want to waste your time." I was antsy as I sat waiting, knowing I had a 20 minute drive ahead of me. Then, another text, "why don't you know come now. Kim isn't here yet, but I think it's time. I really hope I'm not wasting your time." (I would never even feel that way, for the record! this is my JOB!). I left immediately. 

I arrived to find Quincy at the foot of their bed, deeply focused and already pushing. Probably only 15 minutes later, Quintin was born! All that prodromal labor meant that she had a VERY short actual labor! Shaking from all the adrenalin coursing through her body, but strong and in command of her small but mighty self, she stood up and strode across the room with him in her arms. She had a shower and put on fresh clothes, then got tucked into bed with her family. 

And her family! How special was that? Her almost-14-year-old step daughter was with her every step of the way, aiding in whatever ways were needed, and watching intently as her baby brother made his way into the world. Quintin's daddy, Mike, caught him alongside Kim, and handed him up to his mama with a look of pride on his face over both his wife and his son. And moments later, Mike's teenage son and their little daughter were summoned into the room to lay their eyes on their newest family member. Watching them all together, and the ways that they so attentively cared for and expressed affection toward one another was incredibly touching. There's plenty of love in this family, and Quintin is blessed to be dropped down into the midst of it. 

Oh! Another fun detail: Mike is a chiropractor, and at the end of this series of photos you'll see him checking Quintin out for range of motion and subluxations. Had he needed it, Q would have received his first adjustment right there on the bed, too. :) Three cheers for chiropractic!