family photojournalism :: the goodrich family

Aaron and Glori live lives of deep intentionality, down to the last detail. When you listen to them talk about their lives, it quickly becomes apparent that every part of it has been chosen and executed with thoughtful care, from how they eat to the way they parent, from the jobs they have, to the way they pursue relationships with their neighbors. And it's not a dry sort of discipline that leaves you feeling that they are uptight. Rather, there's a joyful freedom that shines through; that unique freedom that comes from living in healthy boundaries. 

Their morning family photojournalism session included rough-housing and a dance party, "working" with tools on the bunkbeds, cuddling, reading the Jesus Storybook Bible (FAVORITE!), snacking, riding bikes, and digging in the dirt. With laughter all along the way. 

Their twin boys and their baby son are thriving in the love and discipline of their daddy and mommy. 

Enjoy this peek into the life of this sweet little crew. 

I do have some session times available for Family Photojournalism in the coming months. Reach out sooner than later to get your family on the schedule.