belly :: the rizley family

The Short Story version of Family Photojournalism sessions I'm now offering are the perfect way to capture small stories along life's way. Like the toddler growing as her mama's belly swells with a new baby, too. Like the way that family felt when it was made of only 3, but the promise of the 4th was quickly approaching. Like the interior of a room that Papa has labored so long and hard to transform for his little girls to share. And like the farm you bought and reclaimed, complete with the barn beside your house, where you were married, and the farm cats roaming wild.

Kurt, Aliyya and their little Cora invited me over to capture precisely those things. Here it is! :)

It's a beautiful life you're building, Kurt and Aliyya. I'm ever so excited to come back and spend time with you again when your baby girl arrives!