family photojournalism :: the graveling family

Ross and Monica put their attention in the places that matter, namely in God, their family and in the neighborhood community they desire to love well. No matter if there's dust in some corners or if their children ride bikes barefoot. At the end of this life, these aren't the things that matter at all, are they? Spending a chunk of an evening with them, I was challenged by the right ordering of priorities in this family. Their children are growing in grace and truth, they are strong and confident and beloved, carefully tended to like the growing, living plants that they are. And the people around them know more fully that they are loved because of the care of this family intentionally expressed toward them.

In this time with them, they played ball in the yard, swung one another wildly around on the tire swing, made art with sidewalk chalk, took a bike ride/walk around the block, goofed off everywhere (so many smiles and so much affectionate teasing!), played their favorite game around the table, and finally sat down to dinner on the back patio. 

Enjoy this glimpse of life with the Gravelings. 

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