family photojournalism :: the stack family

Typically family photojournalism sessions take place in your home, as that's naturally often the seat of your shared life and richest memories. But this is a lovely example of an out-and-about photojournalism session. Katie and her kids chose to use their session time to visit some favorite spots where they have lots of family memories, and with the weather now so lovely this worked out perfectly. 

We started at Riverside Park playground and then drove a short way to Too Tall's -- a hidden gem of an ice cream shop in the middle of a neighborhood on the NE side owned by Katie's family, and where she spend several summers working in the past. :) Noah and Adrianna have the sweetest rapport with their mom -- full of playful teasing and affection. What a treat to spend an evening with them! 

And Katie, I just have to say one more time, THANK YOU for saving my butt as a newbie at the school who suddenly realized the bussing options didn't apply to her. :) Your generosity in driving my girl home from school has made all the difference to us.