fresh48 :: zeke wagner

Just two days after I met with Jami and Adam about their upcoming home birth, she went into labor -- spontaneously and two weeks early! Being in denial that this was really "it," she put off calling me to come. And then suddenly it was all moving so fast and... well, she never did get to call me and so i missed this little one's remarkable home water birth. Such a bummer. 

BUT, on the rare occasion when this happens, we always make up for it in other ways. Starting here, with a Fresh48 session in their home when their son was just a few days old. I found them looking fresh and energetic, and welcoming visiting grandparents. Their 3 year old son, Leo, had just returned home from spending a couple nights his grandparents and was keen to kiss and touch his new baby brother. 

Without further delay, I give you baby Zeke. Brand spankin' new...

Every Fresh48, birth, and newborn session I do multiplies my excitement to have my own little squish this winter! Eeek!