birth :: aaron ezekiel

I met up with Meghan and Jared at their quiet home -- decorated with all the hand-thrown pottery Meghan has made, mostly in shades of turquoise and co-occupied by 1 cat, 1 small dog, and one guinea pig -- where their doula Sandra (who is also a midwife) was assisting them through the irregular labor pattern created by a posterior baby. It seemed at first as if we'd be in for a long day of slow progress, but after Meghan rose from a little rest, it was clear the tide had shifted. She was in transition and we decided to start our entourage to the hospital 20 minutes away. 

Upon entering maternity admitting/triage, Meghan checked in at 9 cm! We were all a little surprised, as she'd been rather a trooper, even through contractions that seized not only her entire belly but also her upper thighs with a lot of intensity. So after settling into her labor and delivery room, it was a very short time before she was complete and ready to push. It was mighty hard work, and work that at moments she wanted very much to run away from. But of course, that wasn't an option, so she dug deep and found what she needed to persevere. Aaron's little face emerged, and after a briefly intense moment in which the very skilled OB maneuvered his stuck shoulders out of Meghan's pelvic outlet, his whole little self emerged. He was lifted straight to his mama's waiting chest, and gently stimulated to full alertness and breaths by the OB and nurse as his parents held his tiny hands and talked to him softly. 

So anticipated, so loved. Welcome to the world, sweet Aaron. I hope to see you again one day!