belly :: the jamail family

They're thisclose to welcoming a fourth member -- a boy -- into their family, into this home they've redesigned in the last couple of years, into their hearts and routines. But for now little Audrey is still the center of their world, and these last days with her positioned securely and solely in that privileged role were something they wanted to capture. 

And besides that, Adrienne's beautiful belly needed a little camera time. This is how I capture bellies: like all other things, in context. I'm interested in your swelling, ripe belly going about all the daily normalities, whether that's a date night out with your husband or chasing around the other kids at home. Like anything else, it's part of you, so we don't need to bare it and decorate it and make your husband take off his shirt and then kiss it. Haha, nope. You just be amazing you, pregnant and powerful and on the brink of a miracle... I can't add anything to that that matters. 

I'll stop chatting at you now and let the pictures be the thousand words that speak to the love and affection present in this family as they wait for their son. 

My favorite parts: the drumming and the tossing on the bed. and maybe the rock collecting, too. Um, and the little toddler tantrums that they let me capture (yes!). Oh, there's lots of good parts. You'll just have to see for yourself.