family photojournalism :: the sellers family

You'll remember that this past weekend this family was also featured in blog post about a fun experiment I roped my poor husband into doing with me, in which we took a look at how much of a difference a professional photojournalist makes compared to attempting to document your family life yourself with your entry level DSLR. So if you missed that, go have a look.

Now let me properly introduce and blog about these beautiful people! This is my brother Justin, his wife Marguerite, and their three kiddos Claire (6), Anja (4) and Sam (7 months). These are siblings who are also friends and heros in my life. Both Justin and Marguerite live with incredibly thoughtful intention, giving themselves quietly and often to serve others, practice hospitality in the most natural and generous way, and work diligently at their professions, while also parenting their kids with gentle boundaries and lots of affection. I couldn't be more fond of them, nor more grateful for them in my life. 

On this particular evening, there was nothing unusual at all going on. Just dinner prep, eating dinner together outside, cleaning up the kitchen (each girl has their role to play), playing on the floor and in the front yard, eating popsicles, giving baby brother a sink bath before bed, reading books and cuddling, putting on pajamas and brushing teeth. And in all this really normal stuff there's so much life and such personality in these kiddos. I invite you to come along and spend this evening with this family of 5.