family photojournalism :: the malinowski family

Eric and Jessica are getting ready to leave the house to which each one of their babies has been brought home from the hospital following their births (or, in the youngest's case, born in the living room!). Needless to say, there's years of memories layered up in this house. There's been incredible joy and deep sorrow, faith put into action, love chosen and demonstrated across all the seasons. 

Jessica and Eric invited me to do this documentary, in-home session as a way of immortalizing their beloved house and bringing some closure to their years there. Already the house isn't in quite the same state is had been, since it's already been listed and staged and sold, but for now, it is still theirs. I got a little teary right alongside Jessica as I empathized with the process of saying farewell to a place where so much life has been lived. 

I love these images. I love the way this family plays together and loves one another.