personal :: our 4th baby

It might sound crazy, and maybe it is, but within a couple months of giving birth to Walter, I knew that I wanted one more baby. More accurately, I had a strong sense that there was one more person that was meant to be added to our family. With a bit of nervousness, I approached the subject with Tim one day while we were in the car on the way to the beach. To my surprise, he immediately agreed. It was the most obvious thing to both of us. 

We agreed that there was no particular rush on working to create that new person, but that we'd leave things open to possibility and God's timing. 

It was shortly before Walter's 1st birthday that this baby was conceived, and I found out about the pregnancy the week after Walter's 1st birthday. It was the most purely and contentedly joyful news for both of us. 

Fast forward to mid-July when we had our first ultrasound, our first chance to see our baby. Look at that sweet little face!

At the ultrasound, we asked the technician not to tell us the gender, but to EMAIL our friend Michelle from my phone with an email saying simply "boy" or "girl." Michelle would then leap into action assembling the gender reveal cake, which we would then cut into upon our return home from picking up the older kids from their grandparents' house. Well, there was just one problem: the tech couldn't get THE ideal shot for gender determination. She got it from a couple of slightly-off angles and both times was pretty sure she saw the same signs but she said she's rate her level of certainty at 88.9%. Ugh. Is 88.9% enough to go on for the gender reveal party we had planned for that very same evening?, we wondered. But the train was set in motion so we stuck with the plan. 

Here are the kids waiting eagerly to cut into the cake. We decided to do this part on our own as a family BEFORE all our friends and family came over to have their own revelation moment. 

And now you can witness our little moment by watching this video I made on my camera...

Lots of friends and family came over shortly thereafter for a little party, which was also very fun. Almost everyone guessed it would be a girl. We did a live video of the unveiling on FB so our far-away family and friends could tune in, too. 

Those cupcakes had pink frosting inserted in the middle, so upon biting into them, the truth was revealed! 

AND, we went back this past week for a second ultrasound to get a closer to 100% certainty rate on baby's gender. Confirmed: GIRL BABY! 

We're so excited to round out our little tribe with another little girl.