life with a newborn :: everett james

It wasn't SO long ago that I was over to Dana and Russell's house to photograph their newborn daughter, Hazel June. This sweet family welcomed a son, Everett James, in a beautiful and fast home birth in July and once again they invited me to come and commemorate his arrival and his life at home. 

What follows is a little sneak peek at what it's been like for them so far. It's so striking, the difference between a Life With A Newborn session done for a family welcoming their first/only baby vs. a subsequent baby. Adding a toddler into the mix -- with all the action, toys, and maturing effect on the parents -- makes a very different atmosphere to capture! Life With A Newborn + Toddler is a very different life indeed. But it's love multiplied and running over, even if the tears are also multiplied. ;)

I'm excited for this family and the future that lies ahead for them. There's such depth of intentional play and artfulness, healthy emotional expression and growing green things, farmer's market visits and simple living. You'll enjoy this little slice of their life, and the adorable face of baby Everett. :)

If you're expecting a baby in the coming months and want a session like this for your own newly-grown family, don't forget to get in touch BEFORE your baby arrives. These sessions can be done very soon after birth or a up to three months afterward, but in either case, it works best to get yourself a spot saved on my calendar in advance.