life with a newborn :: heidi ann

Do you remember this stunning couple and their amazing Rent The Runway session from last fall? Well, not long after this gorgeousness occurred, Sarah let me know their happy secret: they were expecting their first baby! Throughout her pregnancy, she sent me update photos of her growing bump and their smiling faces, then a photo of the same PLUS a sporty pink cast on her left wrist/hand! She had taken a fall and broken her hand in the latter part of her pregnancy, which meant she'd have it on during labor. Oh man! But I loved tracking with them along the way, seeing how much love they manage to nourish and sustain in spite of the demanding life of a medical resident and both of them working at least full time. They so carefully and lovingly cared for their baby even before she was born, too. 

Finally, the day came and Sarah was in labor. It was a long labor, with some messiness at the very end, and recovery turned out to be much more intense and elongated than we anticipated, which rendered and official Fresh48 session impossible to pull off. But never fear, we changed up the plan and got this amazing Life With A Newborn session on the schedule for them when Sarah was feeling up to it again, about 13 days later. 

Since the only other time I had seen them they were in formalwear, it was a change -- but a cool one! -- to see them at home in their ordinary clothing and... most importantly... with their BEAUTIFUL dark-haired beauty, Heidi. Such sweet and tender moments here. 

I've said in the past that I had little to no availability for the remainder of this year for Birth and Fresh48 sessions, but I have an update: I've had some serious inquires not pan out and it turns out that now I CAN take on 1 birth for October and 1 for the front part of November. I can also put in another Fresh48 or two. So if you haven't reached out because you feared I was booked, you can reach out now. :)