birth :: merida-kate

This is not your ordinary home birth, except for  in all the important ways: continuous, hands-on care from a skilled midwifery team, the comforts of familiarity, the nearness of family, the lack of intervention, and the lack of fear. But Latricia and James and their three kids call an RV home, choosing it as part of the grand adventure they're on of following the sometimes wild call of God on their lives. And because an RV is home, this is an RV home birth!

Let me just tell you that from a technical standpoint, this is hands-down own of the most challenging births I've ever photographed! Stormy night, small quarters filled with six other adults (midwives, midwife assistant, husband, mother) and a birth pool to work around, and very low lighting (think, shooting at ISO 12,800 if that means anything to you). But let me also tell you that it was incredibly beautiful. There was such peace, the falling rain was like a benediction, and things couldn't have gone more smoothly as Merida-Kate quietly made her entrance. 

This was the first home birth Latricia has had, and she absolutely rocked it. It was a joy to watch her, and afterwards to hear her comments about how easy the contractions were compared to her last natural birth, which included pitocin-induced ones (notorious for being nearly unbearable). It was awesome seeing the glow of triumph and contentment on her and James' faces as they lay snuggling their new little love.

So come along and bear witness to the birth of a daughter in the dark of a rainy night on the floor of her mobile home, into the arms of her remarkable parents. 

Trisha and James, being a tiny part of this amazing birthday party was totally worth the nearly 2-hour drive AND the speeding ticket I got on the way home. Can't thank you enough. 

PS: If anyone reading this needs a birth photographer for October or November, i have unexpected openings. Reach out.