family photojournalism :: the kuchan family

Darren and Amy were one of the first familes whose first AND second births I got to photograph. They’re smart and classy, kind and affectionate parents. They’re even nice to be with while they’re in [unmedicated] labor, which is saying something! ;)

This year they moved to a new home in Grand Haven, and I got to come spend a couple hours with them there one Sunday morning, just doing the things they do. From tea parties on the floor, to folding laundry, playing on the back deck, walking around the neighborhood, watching favorite family videos on their phones, playing the piano, doing yoga poses, and of course lots of cuddles and kisses all around.

This session gives me the warm fuzzies. Come along and see a slice of life with them and their kiddos, age almost-2 and 7 months.