milk time :: breastfeeding and snuggle portraits

I've lost track of what edition number we're at now. But for the first time after quite a long pause, we did a round of Milk Time portraits in the middle of July in a sweet, light-filled studio-apartment in historic downtown Grand Rapids. 

Seven mamas and their littlest loves came through to be photographed together, and five of them have given me permission to share a few highlights from their sessions here. Which is great, because I think they are absolutely oxytocin-producing images and we could all use a bit of that. 

Here's to breastfeeding, through the pain and the obstacles and straight into the bond that's unlike any other. 

Oh boy. That's good stuff. :)

It'll be a while before I do another Milk Time EVENT, but you can arrange one for yourself at a time and place of your choosing whenever the heck you want, you know. Read more HERE. 

Feed all the babies.