family photojournalism :: the davidsons

Toddlers are the best. Seriously. They are the quirkiest, most emotionally uncensored and curious beings. And Loretta and John and a pretty darn cool one. :) Dear Eddie: so busy with dancing, building, exploring locks and machinery wherever he notices it, learning to use the potty before he starts daycare next week, sipping coconut water out of an espresso cup (it's just the right size), sweeping the porch with his tiny broom and then fixing "stuff" with his plastic tools, marveling at an insect on the sliding door, walking a bit too quickly so that he falls and scrapes a knee... and pausing only occasionally for a cuddle, a brief nursing break, or some playful roughhousing with daddy. This kid kept me on my toes the entire two hours I was shooting their family photojournalism session. How fortunate he is to have two doting parents thoughtfully raising him with patience and creativity and spirit. 

Thanks for the honor of a morning spent with you guys. 

I'm booking for late September through November sessions right now. There's still room for you. 

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