birth photography :: charlotte & george

It's not every day that I'm summoned to attend the birth of TWINS! So when Katy and Joel reached out about having me join the party that was the birth of their babies (seriously, it was a party! Complete with heavy metal playing and both sets of grandparents present), I was thrilled to be able to say yes. The room was FULL of hospital staff, OBs, neonatal teams, and midwife in addition to their family, so I had to get creative to get angles at points, but I'm so glad that the first moments of these two sweet babies is captured forever. 

New in 2018 is a companion business I've just launched called Sister Birth. It combines documentary photography of pregnancy, birth and postpartum with holistic doula-ish support throughout the childbearing cycle. It's a conglomeration of all my passions and resources. When I put all the pieces together, it turns out that what it ends up looking like is a lot like having a loving, informed, and supportive sister in your corner, walking with you every step of the way through the transformative experiences of pregnancy, birth, and 4th trimester. You can read more by visiting  I'm taking clients NOW at a very reduced introductory rate: two more spots available at that price!