family photojournalism :: the deboni family (again)

Every two years is a good interval for recording your ordinary life together. It’s what my own family strives to do. And you know when you’ll be the most glad that you’ve taken the time and made the investment to do it? When you’re about to say farewell to your precious first home, the one to which you brought home your fresh-born babies, seasoned your marriage, planted your gardens, and hosted more joyful celebration than you ever could have imagined when you signed the purchase agreement all those years before.

Because life changes in a way that reminds us of the impermanence of things. Work opportunities and family responsibilities both pointed arrows toward a new town and a new home, and so they are moving. With tears in their eyes and gratefulness in their heart, they put a For Sale sign in the front yard of this sweet home just a couple of days after I came by to document a slice of their Saturday morning at home together. These photos — combined with the ones from the two other sessions I’ve done with them whilst they lived here — mean that they can physically relocate while relaxing into the knowing that the details, the memories, and the emotions of their time there are packaged up neatly within hundreds of pretty photographic frames. And that’s everything. It helps so much with closure, doesn’t it?

I told this mama (who is a dear friend) recently that her family is “nothing but salt and light.” She replied that they are also a little spicy. I can’t deny it! So: Salt, Light, and Spice. Those are the blessed ingredients of this family, and I hope you can see glimpses of all of that in these images.