family photojournalism

family photojournalism :: the sellers family

These people are some of my favorite. I’m allowed to say that because they are my family. So many little details in the photos from this session speak to the kind of wonderful people they are. From the athletic clothes giving clues to their family adventures and commitment to caring for their bodies, to the involved coffee-making process that’s a clue to the emerging coffee roasting business my brother is working on, to the books and papers showing their priority attention to loving God and caring for the people of the Church… just a million small things that speak to a beautiful, vibrant family life.

And my favorite shot: the one where mom and dad are trying to have a moment on the back step whilst all four children watch them through the window. Isn’t that how it goes?!

Being a Grand Rapids family photographer is always great, but especially so when you get to turn the camera in the direction of your own family.

family photojournalism :: the vierregger family

It's been a big year for this couple: their baby born, a new job accepted, and a relocation from NYC to Grand Rapids, MI. And the once-baby is now on the brink of turning 1 whole year old. It baffles the mind, how time flies away. So here's to new beginnings in a new home, and with a freshly minted 1 year old. 

Friends, your family is worth this sort of documentation, this sort of telling and remembering, treasuring, and collecting. Reach out this week and schedule your own session. I'm booking into October and November currently. 


family photojournalism :: the saigeon family

Slow Sunday morning in a home beginning at last to feel like such. They ventured out from the city and dared to build a just-right home on some acres of green. The journey to get here was long, and the settling in takes time. Today it had the home vibes. Today they had a lazy linger in bed, a french toast breakfast, crafts made with the recycling, and plenty of coffee. Today there was time under the morning sun, blowing bubbles, playing catch with the dog and checking on the baby birds in their nest, then swinging, hammocking, and checking in on their garden. It was real good. 

I've grown so fond of this family over the years, and this set of photos is one of my favorites that I've made of them. 

family photojournalism :: the stob family

Last time I photographed them, they had 2 children. Now they are 3. And they've settled more deeply into this house they call home and into the love of God, and into one another. While I was with them, they had a dance party, complete with various musical instruments, played with blocks, and smiled over the first staggering steps of the baby in the family. Life with three children ages 5 and under is simple and slow, and yet it'll be over in a blink. It's nice to take a minute to pause and really SEE this season for what it is, in all the mundane glory. I hope they can see the treasure here.

Currently booking family photojournalism sessions for July and onward. Let's get you on the calendar, shall we?