life with a newborn :: sadie

here is a family whose warmth and gentleness overtakes any space in which you encounter them. every time i'm around them or photograph them (which i've had the privilege to do two times before now), i feel like i just want to study them, in order to understand their wonderfulness and take a piece of it home with me. chris and mindy are building something beautiful together. and their newest little one, sadie irene, was just welcomed home into that beauty two weeks ago. in these photos, she is not even two weeks old. 

during this session, i made many other images of their older children playing outside, and mindy fixing her daily cup of coffee, and a few other aspects of their family life. chris and mindy get all of those photos, too. but for the purposes of this post, i'm making it very sadie-centric. :) 

i hope this series of images paints a picture of sadie's embrace into the arms of all of her family members. and her squishy newborn yumminess. 

congrats, you guys! you're officially a party of FIVE!