personal :: the sofa life

my little family travels 2-4 times a year to Wisconsin to visit tim's family, because most of them live there, in sun Prairie or milwaukee.

we just returned from one of our Wisconsin visits. on the return trip, we stayed a night with his brother dan and SIL jess, who live in milwaukee with our 4 nephews. one day i'm going to do a proper full-fledged family photojournalism session for them, but this time, i just took a few informal ones, just because. My own kids and husband are inserted into some of these images, too, because we were all enjoying a lazy monday morning together.

it was a fun challenge to take the bulk of the photos in one room, and mostly on one couch. when i think about how much of a family's daily life centers around a sofa, it makes sense, though. isn't this true of your own family? there are so many comings and goings on the sofa, and so much can happen there, from wrestling, to lounging, from reading, to cuddling, from diaper changes to computer work. there's so much life on a sofa.

btw, jess recently gave their living room a little make-over, by applying her crafty skills to the space. i  love her new collage wall, her mustard yellow rug, and the curtains she sewed. mmm. :)

so, enjoy this fragmented snippet of our monday morning with our sibling-friends and cousin-friends...

it's just fun to keep shooting like this -- with an emphasis on photojournalism and storytelling -- even just for personal projects.  if you'd like me to tell a story that's unfolding under your own roof, get in touch.