life with a newborn :: charlotte bennett

But she's going by Charlie. :)

And she's surrounded with cheerful noise and blur of activity in this family. She's already smiling like she likes it that way. 

This West Michigan newborn photographer will never grow weary of being near and capturing the nuanced and ever-shifting facial expressions of tiny babies in their parents' arms. If you're interested in a newborn session like this one for your own soon-coming baby, reach out while you're still pregnant. :)

family photojournalism :: the vierregger family

It's been a big year for this couple: their baby born, a new job accepted, and a relocation from NYC to Grand Rapids, MI. And the once-baby is now on the brink of turning 1 whole year old. It baffles the mind, how time flies away. So here's to new beginnings in a new home, and with a freshly minted 1 year old. 

Friends, your family is worth this sort of documentation, this sort of telling and remembering, treasuring, and collecting. Reach out this week and schedule your own session. I'm booking into October and November currently. 


family photojournalism :: the saigeon family

Slow Sunday morning in a home beginning at last to feel like such. They ventured out from the city and dared to build a just-right home on some acres of green. The journey to get here was long, and the settling in takes time. Today it had the home vibes. Today they had a lazy linger in bed, a french toast breakfast, crafts made with the recycling, and plenty of coffee. Today there was time under the morning sun, blowing bubbles, playing catch with the dog and checking on the baby birds in their nest, then swinging, hammocking, and checking in on their garden. It was real good. 

I've grown so fond of this family over the years, and this set of photos is one of my favorites that I've made of them. 

life with a newborn :: annie grace

Last time I came out to this home where this sweetest of families resides, their third born was a fresh squish of a baby. And now there's a fourth baby, an unexpected by delightful exclamation mark at the end of their Growing A Family story. :) Annie Grace, you are treasure, and your coming has been an agent of such grace for your family. The world will be better with you in it. 

Brooke Collier is a Grand Rapids, MI based family and newborn photographer. Birth photography and birth attendant services also available at

life with a newborn :: felicity london

First of all, how awesome is the name Felicity London?! Come on! It's just as awesome as her big sister's name, Cordelia Love

It's been so lovely to be the photographer for this family as a few major life events now, and this was no exception. Their beautiful homes, hospitable hearts, and sweet daughters are a joy. 

Here's sweet baby Felicity -- and her people -- at just a little over a week old...

These in-home documentary family photo sessions and life with a newborn sessions are my jam. Reach out to schedule one for your crew!


fresh48 :: violet

As is so often the case with second babies, Violet's birth was much quicker than her parents could have even anticipated. Their midwife made it to their home with very little time to spare. And so when I came to them the very next day to make these photographs, they were still a bit wide-eyed and stunned from the joyful surprise of it all. They'd just had a baby(!!), and were trying to integrate that new reality into their minds and hearts. That kind of raw, fresh energy is exactly what I love about Fresh48 sessions. A day or two later, let alone a few weeks later, we would have had a very different energy, you know?! But today. Today they are shellshocked and tender, open and a tiny bit messy. And that's really, really good stuff. Not to mention Violet herself, who will look so different just days from now, as newborns so quickly shift in appearance. I hope they'll treasure these images for a long time.