it's time for a fresh start. i had a blog before and it's fallen into a state of disrepair. it was no longer something i was proud of or invested in. the work it displayed was no longer an accurate representation of who i've become as a photographer, or of the images that i create. so i'm not exactly sad to say goodbye to

in beginning this new blog, along with this new website, i could back up and blog some sessions from the past year (and i may do that, if i have spare time and inclination), but i'm more inclined toward starting right at this moment. today. from today onward i will blog the photography sessions that i do. and also some personal bits.

thanks for joining me on this new journey. and though it may be cliche to say it, i could not do it without YOU: you who put yourselves and your loves in front of my lens and collaborate with me to create something beautiful and lasting. thank you for that.

on this sunny and decidedly spring-like wednesday morning, i'll leave you with a single frame, featuring my favorite model, miss hazel june.