badger-howard family

  this session was done in december, but i like it so much, i wanted to share it here, albeit tardy. this was a late-blooming winter. it meant that we had these grey-brown days, chilled but not yet frozen. it is its own kind of beautiful, if we'll let it be.


this session is a really special one to me. sara is my midwife. she's the one who caught my hazel girl and lifted her to my chest on the day that she was born. sara is fierce, compassionate, wise, and generous. i was so privileged to have her be the one to take care of my family as we welcomed hazel into the world. so when sara asked me if i would take their family portraits -- a thing that they had NEVER had done -- i was thrilled. i wanted to be able to use my own skill to bless her in return. sara picked out blue and red sweaters and scarves and dressed her family in them warmly, then we all met up at blandford nature center to play a while. the result is a set of photos that i think allow their unique love and mutual affection to shine through in a really special way.


so i'll be quiet now and let  you decide for yourselves. :)

for the complete set, click here.