grand rapids birth photographer // will

tracy's was the first birth i actually made it to! the first two both gave birth so quickly that i missed them  (crazy!). and so it was tracy's birth that got me hooked. walking into her house where her (and my) midwives were quietly tending to things, i could sense the focused, sacred feeling of the place immediately. birth was in the air. and tracy's quiet birthing sounds came from the other room. the entire time she worked so quietly, so peacefully. and so it actually surprised me a bit when will actually appeared! thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-2 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-37 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-10thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-10thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-41thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-35 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-36 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-51 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-53 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-69 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-72 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-74 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-80 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-90 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-99 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-141 thompson-birth-b+w-WEB-150