birth : will re

after two thwarted attempts at photographing a birth, it has happened at last! tracy and adam were preparing for a home birth with the same midwife who attended hazel's birth. when they invited me in as a photographer, i quickly said yes. i was looking forward to working alongside my midwife (albeit in a very different capacity than her!), this time as the woman NOT in labor. :) and tracy and adam seemed so easy, so real... i knew this would be a good one to have among my first birth photography attempts. i got the call on a thursday mid-day that there would probably be a baby that day. sara, the midwife, said she's touch base again when it was time for me to come. around 6 pm i got her text, "come on over." i arrived at tracy and adam's home to find a quiet, peaceful house full of tracy's birth team. tracy was laboring quietly in the bedroom. not long after i arrived, she moved into the birth pool in the living room. and not long after that, she was giving birth to a little boy! it was incredibly lovely. i felt like such a gift to be allowed to be there.

so many thanks to adam and tracy for inviting me into this miracle. here are just a few photos.