to plant a garden

after plotting out the garden beds (8 of them, each 8" x 4"), we bought loads of seeds and planned a planting day. my mom and our friend casey came to help out. hazel also made an appearance as the littlest gardener. this is our second year planting a garden. i hope it will be better than the first. last year's garden was planned by everyone BUT me -- our friends and some helpers from a community garden advocacy group. they gathered materials, built beds, bought and enriched soil, and decided where things would go. all i did was show up for planting day, which was May 29, a date i remember well because it was the day i began labor. i worked in the garden that day, feeling my body begin to stir and work, knowing that by day's end i'd probably be calling the midwives. which turned out to be true. hazel was born two days later. and the garden suffered neglect because we were too busy tending to her to tend to the garden. still, it grew food, which proves once again that it is the nature of a plant to grow, and that food growing in a plot of earth behind your house is probably something close to a miracle.

this year i feel more invested. i planned the beds and bought the seeds. i planted today with labor to distract me. and i am very much looking forward to watching it grow this season.