faith and photos

being a photographer is not an automatically, or obviously, christian vocation. not like being a missionary or a pastor or a "person in ministry." but as a person who also has one of those job titles, i have come to see that all places and vocations are extensions of the kingdom, that the Holy Spirit, when He is invited, infuses all things with His distinctive light. He makes all things beautiful. so here's my little secret: in the car, as i'm driving to meet you at your home or the park or the church where you're about to get married, i am praying. out loud like a crazy woman. i'm asking the Holy Spirit to anoint me with the spirit of creativity, and i'm asking the Father to give me eyes to see you in all your unique quirks and glorious beauty. i am offering Him my hands, my eyes, my camera, and my imagination, so that they can be His, and so that they can be used to make something really meaningful and celebratory and good. for you.

i know i can't mine and then capture the beauty of YOU without HIS empowering. so i have to ask Him. every time.

and since i've begun to do this, i've been getting more feedback from you. you remark about how well i "got you." and when you do, i smile in my heart and say, "thank  you, Jesus."

He does all things well. even photography.