tribe : the susies

after several years of not being in touch, facebook worked its magic and reconnected me with jana. last i'd seen her, we were single college gals in a weekly bible study together. now we're both married with kid(s)! i was so excited when she invited me to come do a session with her family because it would be an excuse to catch-up, too. i did this session en route to madison, wi, where tim and hazel and i were headed to visit family. jana made us a stellar lunch to compensate us for going out of our way. i love the playful spirit of this family, and the creativity they have with cardboard boxes! :)susie-family-preview-1 susie-family-preview-2 susie-family-preview-3 susie-family-preview-4 susie-family-preview-5 susie-family-preview-6 susie-family-preview-7 susie-family-preview-8