tribe : the kranzos

this is the second time i've gotten to photograph this family. last time they were pregnant with this little guy below (isn't he adorable!?). what i love about the kranzos is how social and inviting they are, what class they have, and how they live with quiet integrity. i'm hoping they'll let me photograph them again one day soon, because i want to watch these kids grow up. :)kranzo-family-preview-1 kranzo-family-preview-2 kranzo-family-preview-3 kranzo-family-preview-4 kranzo-family-preview-5 kranzo-family-preview-6 kranzo-family-preview-7 kranzo-family-preview-8 kranzo-family-preview-9 kranzo-family-preview-10 kranzo-family-preview-11 kranzo-family-preview-12 kranzo-family-preview-13 kranzo-family-preview-14 kranzo-family-preview-15 kranzo-family-preview-16 kranzo-family-preview-17 kranzo-family-preview-18 kranzo-family-preview-19 kranzo-family-preview-20