family photojournalism : oliphants + pecks

two sisters, each with a life dedicated to obediently following Jesus wherever and however He leads them. for one sister, that's meant marrying a widower who happens to also be a farmer and a "recovering baptist," blending their families, and then foster parenting and adopting more children together. for the other sister, that's meant spending the last 10 years preparing, along with her husband and as they grew their family, to enter the mission field, full time, and overseas in unreached people groups. sister number two is leaving on that mission very soon. and so before she went away, she wanted some time in front of the camera with her sister and her family. what followed was a sweet late afternoon playing at sister #1's house, where all is green and open and the animals are plentiful (particularly the sheep). i just bore witness to the simplicity of their time together, and did my best to tell a story that will be cherished by them for years to come, when they might not get to see one another nearly as often as they would prefer. God bless rachel and jamie and their families.