light & life : a workshop

light & life workshop

i've toyed with the idea -- largely due to having received so many requests -- of having a workshop that would teach folks how to use their DSLRs the way they were intended to be used. it's a real need. i mean, more and more of us have taken the plunge and purchased a nice DSLR camera, with high hopes of having better pictures to show for it, and then it somehow disappoints a bit. we realize that a good camera doesn't automatically lead to great pictures. truth is, we have to learn how a camera works, what exposure is and how you achieve it, how to compose an artful image, how to meter and focus, etc. etc. if we don't know how to do those things, the "Auto" setting is all that remains available to us, but "Auto" -- though smart in certain ways -- is not ever going to be a great photographer. because of this, i like the idea of spending a chunk of time equipping people to learn how to use the fantastic camera they've invested in, empowering them to take shots of their families and personal lives in a way that they can feel good about.

but there are lots of workshops out there to teach the technicalities, both online and in camera stores, and from other photographers. you don't have to look far to learn how to use your DSLR.

so if i'm going to do something like this, i want to bring my unique self to the table, offered up as a gift to those who might feel inclined to receive me. and i think my particular gift, my niche, is this: to notice ordinary moments and to capture them in a way that let's you see their beauty. this is the feedback i get the most often, and it's also the gift that lays behind my two specialties of family photojournalism and birth photography. it's how i photograph my own family, too.

that is what i hope to offer to you in this workshop. i want to invite you to sit in my living room around my wood stove on a wintery day. i want to offer you pastries and coffee while we sit down and have a conversation not just about the technicalities of DSLR use, but also about our lives. i want to take time together to practice gratitude and noticing and light.

i want to talk about how to use a DSLR with technical skill for the larger purpose of celebrating the life that's unfolding around you, in all its glorious ordinariness. 

here's what i'm envisioning it will look like: the first part of the day will be spent learning the how-tos of DSLRs while we sip our hot beverages, then we'll move into conversation about telling a story with our photos and "finding beauty." we'll have a yummy lunch together while we talk more. then the afternoon will be space to practice what we've been learning and discussing, through a few different invitations.

because i want to keep this highly personal and want to give each participant the attention he/she deserves, space is limited to 6. so if this resonates with you, listen to that, get in touch with me, and register now.

i am so stinking excited.




new photo books with all family photojournalism sessions

i am ever so pleased to announce a new type of photo book available to all my clients. as you may know, all the family photojournalism sessions come with a small album. up until now, they've been 20 pages long, 7x7 inches in dimension, and printed by these books were nice, but i've found something that really excites me! i was recently introduced to the incredibly Artifact Uprising. now i'll be using their 5.5x5.5, 40-page albums in the family photojournalism package. the paper is so pleasing, the size and feel so pleasant. you'll love it.

i love it. i want to print a million of them for my own personal use, too. but i guess i'd better keep myself in check. :)

faith and photos

being a photographer is not an automatically, or obviously, christian vocation. not like being a missionary or a pastor or a "person in ministry." but as a person who also has one of those job titles, i have come to see that all places and vocations are extensions of the kingdom, that the Holy Spirit, when He is invited, infuses all things with His distinctive light. He makes all things beautiful. so here's my little secret: in the car, as i'm driving to meet you at your home or the park or the church where you're about to get married, i am praying. out loud like a crazy woman. i'm asking the Holy Spirit to anoint me with the spirit of creativity, and i'm asking the Father to give me eyes to see you in all your unique quirks and glorious beauty. i am offering Him my hands, my eyes, my camera, and my imagination, so that they can be His, and so that they can be used to make something really meaningful and celebratory and good. for you.

i know i can't mine and then capture the beauty of YOU without HIS empowering. so i have to ask Him. every time.

and since i've begun to do this, i've been getting more feedback from you. you remark about how well i "got you." and when you do, i smile in my heart and say, "thank  you, Jesus."

He does all things well. even photography.

bartering and the value of photography

i just wanted to draw your attention to this page, which outlines my philosophy on bartering and contains a running list of items and services i'd be interested in bartering for. if you're someone who would love to have photographs taken by me, but you don't have the cash on hand, please take a look!

and, just so that this isn't a photograph-free entry, here's a photo my husband took of me and my daughter yesterday on my first mother's day. he did a pretty good job, right?