It's called the childbearing year. It begins when you get a positive pregnancy test, and ends with the so-called fourth trimester. It's an entire year of mind, body, and time dedicated to the growing, birthing, and nurturing of a baby. And it's one of the more emotionally potent and truly transformative years you'll ever have. 

Between family photojournalism sessions (with a maternity twist), birth photography, fresh48, milk time, and life with a newborn sessions, there's ample opportunity to capture every stage of that journey in a beautiful and lasting way. 

You can now build your own combination of sessions to customize the storytelling of your own childbearing year. 

If you schedule 3 sessions (of any type), you'll save 10%. Schedule 4 and save 15%. Schedule 5 or more and save 20%. 

Here's a SAMPLE of how it could go:

  • Short Story Photojournalism Session #1: at about 18-22 weeks, maybe after you've had your ultrasound, so that photos of the ultrasound pictures can be included? And by then your bump will be more noticeable. (OR - as a totally crazy idea -- this session could be of you going to the ultrasound, and I'd just tag along??)
  • Short Story Photojournalism Session #2: at about 32-36 weeks, when you're belly is getting bigger and you're probably beginning some practical preparations for baby, like putting together the crib, setting up the nursery, sorting clothes and diapers, etc. Those activities could be included, along with any scenes of you guys enjoying couple time before welcoming your newest member. 
  • Fresh48: within 48 hours after birth, in the hospital or right as you're bringing baby home for the first time. This is the session that shows all the raw emotion of having just met your new baby; it's so tender and vulnerable. Baby will be so soft and squishy and you will be love struck. It will freeze some of those potent moments that immediately follow birth. 
  • Life With A Newborn: when baby is about 3 months old, which may be about when you'd be returning to work (IF you're returning to work). Baby will be bigger, more interactive and awake. Have an in-home session including little things like feeding/nursing, diaper changes, playing on the floor, cuddling on the bed, bath time, etc.

Contact me for an interactive quote that allows you to pick and choose your session types and apply discounts to calculate total investment.