I’m so pleased to introduce a new offering: beautifully crafted, emotive short films of family life.

Imagine your child and your home captured in time, not only in a still photograph, but also in motion and with audio.

I sometimes make little sound clips of my kids in the voice memos app on my phone (do you do this, too?). After forgetting about them for months or years, I am always delighted and close to tears when I play them back. Similarly, I take tiny video clips on my phone (they aren’t very good, technically), and when on the occasion I go back to watch them, I am in awe at the ways their bodies and voices have changed and how their mannerisms have evolved while also remaining so characteristic of who they are.

We are all of us meant to be known and remembered with all the senses. And though nothing that I know of is yet able to capture scent or taste, film adds motion and sound to the visual element.

I’ve been making birth films for over a year now, and I thought it might be time to offer this genre of art to families. Much as in Family Photojournalism or Life with a Newborn sessions, these films will be made of any of the myriad ordinary daily elements of your family life together. The sky’s the limit.

Sessions include:

  • 2-3 hours of in-home or on-location session

  • 5-8 minute HD film on custom, wood USB and Vimeo

  • 50+ still images with high-res digital download

Total investment — $630